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Microblading is a tool used to implant pigment into the upper layers of the skin creating a hair stroke effect to give a natural fuller brow.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that is very popular for people wanting a natural enhancement


Initial Microblading Treatment £300

This price includes the colour top up 4-8 weeks after as well as your aftercare.

If you require a second top up this is an additional £30.


3-6 Months £60

6-9 Months £85

9-12 Months £125

12-15 Months £175

15-18 Months £230

Please note these prices are for previous clients of Beauty By Jade.

A consultation is required if it's a top up of another therapists work and price may vary.



This can be added onto your initial microblading treatment and colour top up as an additional service.


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